GIORGIA PISCINA also known as 'GiGi' is a SPONSORED ATHLETE, FITNESS MODEL and BIKINI COMPETITOR based in Brisbane Australia with over 4 years of experience in the fitness industry.


AGE: 23
WEIGHT: 57-62 KG


2005 Level 6 - Artistic Gymnast
2013 Level 6 - Competitive Cheerleader
2014 1st Place & Pro Status - WBFF Australia Diva Bikini Model
2014 4th Place - World Title - WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model
2015 3rd Place - Final Cast Member & Competitor on ‘WWE Tough Enough' Reality TV Show
2016 5th Place - World Title - WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model
2016 1st Place - WBFF AC Pro Diva Bikini Champion
2017 3rd Place - WBFF Pro Bikini WORLD TITLE


I've always kept active and participated in many different sports growing up...It all started at age 6 when I was enrolled in competitive gymnastics. For 8 years through primary school, this was my sport. I trained 4-5 times a week, 4 hours a session and would head there straight after school and on weekends. I learnt at a young age the importance of discipline and hard work. In high school I got involved in many extracurricular activities and was a part of the Athletics, Cross Country, Soccer and Basketball teams, and outside school I was apart of a soccer and touch football club. After this, I found myself missing aspects of my gymnastics training and decided to join a competitive cheerleading squad where I was able to learn new skills, tumble, stunt and even dance a little! This took me to Las Vegas and New Zealand to compete for Australia with a team of talented athletes.

After a while I needed a new goal, I had just gone through a bad break up and decided I needed a new focus and fresh start! This is when I decided to start researching body building and competing. I found a coach, established my goals, started weight training and got myself a nutrition program. After just 6 months, I had placed 1st and won my Pro Card in my very first show. In August 2014, I went on to compete against the pro's on the WBFF World Stage in Las Vegas where I took a 4th place World Ranking in my Pro Debut.

In 2015 I took a break from competing and was given the nickname 'GiGi' after I was selected from over 11,000+ applicants for a reality TV Show with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) called ‘Tough Enough’ which aired on USA Network and YouTube internationally. I was shocked to be the only international entry to make it to the final 13 cast members...but that was only the beginning! I went on to beat another 7 contestants and make it to the final 3 girls in a grueling competition of heart, endurance, athleticism and personality. Since the show, I've been lucky enough to feature on Australia’s breakfast television program ‘Sunrise’ on the Seven Network, appeared on screen during WWE’s Australian tour, featured in magazines and local newspapers, participated in multiple on and off radio interviews and been able to build a large following from around the world!

In 2016, I went back to competing with the WBFF and decided to head straight to the world stage! After my most successful prep yet I traveled to Toronto Canada to compete. Bringing my best package yet, I was happy to again represent Australia and take home a 5th Place World Ranking. Most recently, I decided to finish off 2016 with a bang, and competed again in December 2016 in Atlantic City at a WBFF Pro Show where I was awarded 1st Place, my first crown and a championship title.


Everyone's body transformation story is a little different... I didn't start terribly over or under weight... however, I definitely started my journey looking lot 'softer' and carried excess fat around my waist, arms and legs. I didn't have much muscle or shape to my body and my personal goals were similar to a lot of other women... to tone up and grow a booty! Setting my goals was the first step, next came the two most important, consistency and patience. I didn't see results overnight, I simply stuck to the plan and trusted the process. I learnt quickly that the correct everyday choices were vital in making progress. It's all about the effort and dedication you put in. Greater effort = greater progress and quicker results! It really comes down to one simple thing: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

When you start your fitness journey, it's important you know that not every day will be perfect. I have good and bad days myself, some days i'm full of energy, excited to train, stick to my nutrition 100% and put in extra during my sessions....other days I feel sore and tired, I miss meals, eat something not in my program or miss a workout. That's life, and it's ok, every day is a chance to start fresh! Simply make yourself aware of your mistakes and pull yourself right back on track.

When I first started my journey, I had no idea what I was doing. The thought of having to go to the gym made me anxious....I was worried about doing the wrong thing and people judging me. I had no strength, used little to no weight and still struggled... often shaking and dropping weights! My form was all over the place and I had no self confidence. To overcome this, I found a training partner, someone who knew what they were doing, someone who could spot me and guide me in the right direction. I felt way more relaxed going to the gym with someone. For me, I was lucky enough to have my dad's support with this. I learnt a lot from him and his experiences owning a gym and competing in body building competitions. I started doing a lot of research into training, exercises and nutrition...I still do! I'm forever changing my training routine, incorporating new exercises and making adjustments to my nutrition. I learn't that it's important to keep an open mind when it comes to training and dieting...there are so many ways you can improve your health and fitness...there isn't a 'right' and 'wrong' way to do things. We all have different lifestyles and limitations which affect our training and nutritional choices. I've learnt that what works for one person may not work for me!


Through experience, I've been able to create a better lifestyle for myself, one full of opportunities in which I am happier, healthier and a lot more confident! I'm fortunate to have along the way collaborated with, worked alongside and gained a large amount of knowledge from health and fitness professionals around the globe. It's my mission to now share my knowledge of training, nutrition and competing with others, so that we can ALL reach our health and fitness goals!

I'm extremely passionate about creating and living a healthy, active lifestyle and I would love nothing more than to help YOU transform your life for the better. It doesn't matter what your goal is...whether it's to get on stage and compete, lose fat, tone up, grow a booty or increase your muscle mass...I've got you! Male, female, young or old, I want to help YOU! You can, and you will...let's make it happen together! I'll be here every step of the way! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?