What is meal prep? Well basically, after you've sorted yourself out with a nutrition plan customised to your body composition, lifestyle and must put this nutrition plan in to action...this process is called "meal prep" which involves the following steps:

(1) First you must write a shopping list including all the ingredients you will need
(2) Next, head to the grocery store and collect all the fresh ingredients needed
(3) Now it's time to prepare and cook!
(4) Once you've finished cooking, you must split the prepared food into meals by weighing out each ingredient and placing into containers
(5) Ensure each meal is labelled and then refrigerate!

This process must be repeated weekly to ensure food is kept fresh and can include up to 6 meals per day (42 meals per week)! Meal prep can take up a lot of time...time that could be spent in the gym, relaxing or with family! This is why I choose to not meal prep. Instead, I found a meal prep company to do all the hard work for me...


MUSCLE MEALS DIRECT supply delicious fully prepared meals designed to build muscle, lose fat and help you to achieve your goals. It's so important that you always have your food prepared and ready to go so that you have no excuse to fall off track with your nutrition plan! If the meals are there ready to grab from the fridge, you are less likely to pick up the wrong foods and jeopardize your progress. If you live a busy lifestyle, work long hours, have a family to take care of, travel a lot or are juggling all of the above but still want to eat clean and stay lean...then Muscle Meals Direct will be your saviour. They were for me! There's no way I could keep up consistent meal prep with the amount I have going on! If you tick any of the boxes NEED to give this a go.

→ Tired of cooking meals?
→ Sick of constantly shopping for groceries?
→ Hate doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen?
→ Do you skip meals when you don’t have food prepared, or worse yet do you buy cheap takeaway?

Say goodbye to your old life and hello to an organised, easy, clean and lean lifestyle with Muscle Meals Direct!! Not only are the meals nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled and high in protein...but you have the opportunity to customise the protein, carbohydrates and fresh vegetables....which is exactly what you want when you have a nutrition plan to follow.

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